Secondary Education


The Secondary Education Concentration

Through the Secondary Education Concentration, the College assists students in qualifying majors who wish to teach at the secondary school level. The curriculum offered adds professional training and classroom experience to a solid education in the liberal arts. The program currently prepares students to gain teaching licensure in English, life science (biology), math, and social studies (history). Students pursuing a secondary teaching license must complete the major requirements in an approved teaching field, the secondary concentration requirements below, and a content-specific methods course. They must also submit to a criminal records check prior to practicum placement in the junior year and must be formally admitted by the Liberal Arts Teacher Education Committee prior to enrolling in the senior internship. Candidates must earn passing scores on the state-approved content assessment prior to completing the program and on the state-approved pedagogical assessment prior to recommendation for licensure.
Requirements for a Concentration in Secondary Education
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* With the permission of the faculty advisor(s), students who have completed all other coursework may request a one-semester full-day internship placement worth 12 credit hours in lieu of the two-semester half-day internship.
NOTE: The Student Internship includes an on-campus seminar taken during the fall and spring semesters of the senior year. Candidates at all licensure levels will meet one hour a week on the Lyon campus to review intern experiences and discuss relevant topics such as the following: learning environment/classroom culture; instructional materials/resources, media, and technology; curriculum development; instructional strategies; constructive assessment; character education; educational foundations; first aid/wellness/crisis intervention; exceptional children; multicultural education; and school law.