Our Mission“The Education of the Whole Person BUILT on the Foundation of Liberal Arts”

Our VisionWe believe that each child, regardless of gender, race, creed, family background or socioeconomic status, has a right to be taught by a qualified teacher, a teacher who can help each child become all he or she can become.Our intent is to create a program for teachers that will bring that vision into practice.

Grounding the Vision Our vision is grounded in the principles that follow:

1.Qualified Teachers Need a Liberal Education.
Sharing the NCATE vision of qualified teachers, Lyon College insures that its graduates, who become licensed teachers, have completed a liberal education by requiring them to major in a liberal arts discipline while completing a liberal general education program. We believe that liberally educated people are, as the college mission states, “thoughtful, inquisitive, critical and creative” men and women with ingrained “habits of reasoned thought,” and virtues of “honesty, fairness, and respect” for others. Lyon wants candidates with these dispositions to become teachers and future leaders in our schools.

2.Qualified Teachers Need Pedagogical Skill.
Evidence shows that subject matter knowledge is not enough for effective teaching.Teachers must also understand and be able to apply the growing knowledge base of pedagogy. Accordingly, the heart of our teacher education program is a series of observation, participation, and internship experiences that will prepare better practitioners.

3.Qualified Teachers Need to Model and Encourage Critical Thinking.
Learning to think critically enables children to become responsible citizens able to respect differing points of view and to appreciate the contributions of diverse peoples. Liberally educated teachers provide children with an academic foundation that cultivates their critical thinking skills.

Conceptual Framework Expanded
To facilitate excellence in teaching, the Lyon College Teacher Education program seeks to provide an environment conducive to the preparation of competent, qualified teachers for today's schools.The model is "the education of the whole person" based on the foundation of the liberal arts.The Education program supports the mission of the College in its endeavors to develop creative and thoughtful leaders.
Lyon College graduates of teacher education concentrations and the Early Childhood Major will achieve the following outcomes:
- Be wise consumers of educational research by
Applying current research to improve teaching and learning
Using research to make data-based decisions
Designing, conducting and communicating the results of their own studies

- Understand and address inequities in the classroom, as they relate to race, gender, and social class by
Teaching in culturally relevant ways that affirm every students capacity to learn
Creating classroom learning environments that provide all students opportunities to learn
Using a variety of approaches to assessment of learning

- Instruct using technology skills by
Identifying, using and assessing instructional technology
Developing in students the ability to use instructional technology

- Lead in the continuous improvement of schools by
Communicating well with students, parents, and community members
Working sensitively with diverse students, parents, and community members
Collaborating effectively with peers and administrators in cooperative teaching/learning teams

- Teach effectively at the appropriate instructional level by
Identifying students’ developmental levels
Applying a knowledge of child and adolescent growth and development at the appropriate instructional level
Using a variety of teaching/learning strategies at the appropriate developmental level

- Be liberally educated and take liberal arts knowledge, skills and dispositions into the classroom by
Demonstrating proficiency in reading, writing, speaking
Having a general knowledge of several liberal arts disciplines and by being able to integrate their content into lessons they teach
Demonstrating intellectual ability in a liberal arts major
Fostering critical and creative thinking in their students
Demonstrating ethical professional behavior
Demonstrating enthusiasm for teaching and learning
Fostering a love of lifelong learning